The Door Church has provided missionaries and funding for churches throughout the world. All the while, they have been content in their 35 year old building, which was not designed to be a church in the first place. They also host a conference every year at the Tucson Convention Center. Coupled with a growing congregation, the time came for church leaders to explore options to build a new sanctuary that could handle their 1,200 person congregation, but could expand to over 2,000 for their yearly conference. All the while, this sanctuary needed to feel appropriate proportionally to the seating arrangement, thus a flexible seating configuration was required. The request by the lead pastor to keep the distance from the seated visitor as close to him as possible pushed the design to an amphitheater layout, with tiered, collapsable seating in 2 winds at the perimeter. These rooms could then be used as a much needed gathering and study space during the times not used. The entry utilizes the existing courtyard at the rear of the existing building, thus making a new entry plaza that is central to the overall property. Virtual reality imaging helps the congregation envision the new space.
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