We provided the master planning for this private Christian school, including two campuses: an existing high school campus and a new kindergarten through eight grade campus.  The high school requires a new addition for administration and locker rooms.  One present issue is the lack of a visual and logical entry point for the campus.  The new two story addition will address this with a tectonic shift of the exterior stucco wall with colored indentations and beamed colonnade that expresses entry into the campus.  To soften the expanse of exterior wall, a perforated metal screen cascades up to the roof and becomes the screening for the new mechanical units. 
The next phase of construction will include the new Academic Center, a 15,000 square foot two story addition that will include new classrooms, offices, library, washrooms and a flexible gathering atrium. Construction is starting and completion is scheduled for 2022.
Featured on Christian School Products Magazine: www.christianschoolproducts.com/school-construction-desert-christian-schools/
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