We provided the master planning for this private Christian school, including two campuses: an existing high school campus and a new kindergarten through eight grade campus.  The high school requires a new addition for administration and locker rooms.  One present issue is the lack of a visual and logical entry point for the campus.  The new two story addition will address this with a tectonic shift of the exterior stucco wall with colored indentations and beamed colonnade that expresses entry into the campus.  To soften the expanse of exterior wall, a perforated metal screen cascades up to the roof and becomes the screening for the new mechanical units.  
Another recent project was the completion of the new multi purpose building on the elementary campus.  This metal building utilized simple materials to create a sense of place in the large room, including acoustic clouds, exposed mechanical systems, and controlled daylight from solar tubes.
Featured on Christian School Products Magazine: www.christianschoolproducts.com/school-construction-desert-christian-schools/
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