Increasing demand for the recently introduced preschool program at Desert Christian required the leadership to re-evaluate the final building planned for the campus. A new multi story building was needed to help expand the preschool, as well as provide much needed classroom and lab space for the rest of the campus. What followed was a programmatic study: how to facilitate the needs of the campus in a multi story building without having the specific groups of students cross paths. For example, they did not want middle schoolers having to walk through the same hallways as pre schoolers. So a two story building with a full basement was derived, that had access to the second floor extruded from the building and made as a design feature. This allows access to every floor without having to intrude on the unwanted floor. The second floor is also rotated to engage the rest of the campus buildings’ geometry, and colored the school accent color. It is also cantilevered on the north side, which allows for the necessary space without encroaching the existing parking area. This cantilever also provides necessary shade for the preschool playground below. The stone-clad colonnade and fabric shading ties the building to the existing administration building, creating a unified and welcoming entry to the campus.
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