Benson Hospital has expanded their healthcare clinics into the Vail Arizona region. One of their priorities was to provide a modern, spacious clinic with room to expand their services. We designed the new clinic to offer two pods of exam rooms around a central medical assistant station, where visual control and access to supplies was seamless. Within each pod we located smaller dictation stations that are bid enough to act as a doctors office but not function as the traditional office. The flexibility allows the doctors and medical assistants to modulate the space as the needs vary. A welcoming new, open lobby provides a spread out waiting experience for the patents while allowing staff to have visual control and interaction at all times. A new blood draw lab located right off the lobby allows it to function independently from the lobby via a second entrance. This minimizes the interaction between patients waiting for an exam and patients who only need a blood draw. Surface materials are designed for both visual harmony as well as efficient maintenance. 
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