Education Building
Education Building Interior
Youth Building
In the 1970’s, a new highway was planned to encircle the metro Tucson area along the Pantano Wash. Christ Community Church purchased property along this new route, and had a new campus designed to encircle a tall prayer tower. Like many master plans, things didn’t pan out as planned. The highway was not built, and the prayer tower was never completed. Through the years the church grew in size and in the campus buildings, but growth deviated from the original plan and took on a disorganized fashion, which the current congregation has to deal with on a daily basis. SDG was asked to help re-think the campus; what are the possibilities to redo parts of the campus while both preserving newer buildings, creating a sense of wholeness to the property, and comply with more stringent zoning requirements. A multi year phased plan was created to show strategic removal of older modular buildings and having them replaced with new multi story construction. In the final phase, the new and existing buildings would encircle a new, larger courtyard and allow ample space for the children’s outdoor activities as well as provide better security entrances. An interim phase includes adding new washrooms for the pre-school and updating the original sanctuary to house the growing youth programs.
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