We had the privilege to help Aviva Children’s Services, based in Tucson, Arizona, to renovate an existing office and warehouse complex into their new outreach facility. The needs of the people that Aviva helps are many, including reconciliation between parents and children going through very difficult times. Since the entire experience of the new facility needed to allow for as much positive experiences as possible, the program and design was based on spacial needs both physically and emotionally. Special attention to how the children would experience the new space was critical, so the theme of an abstract interpretation of a small neighborhood was used as the basis of all design decisions. A long corridor lined with private meeting rooms is modified and enhanced to project a street scape, complete with varying heights of walls, colors, interior windows and materials. Two large play areas open to the central corridor, illuminated with natural light via solar tubes. Staff offices and security are strategically located at the entry point, and all experience the facility in a carefully coordinated path of services.
This project was featured on Tucson News Now on January 30, 2017. Link below. 
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